Tosh and Twaddle

A goofy 23 year old who thought they'd come here to post old art, but ended up reblogging awesome stuff. My current obsession is The Walking Dead because omg it's amazing, but you will still find Batman, Once-ler/The Lorax, Sherlock, Homestuck, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit, Doctor Who, Bioshock, The Producers, Disney and various cartoons/animated things such as but not limited to Spongebob, Regular Show, MLP:FIM as well as other shows/movies/games/books, and various other things I find pretty, amusing, cool, hilarious or relevant to my interests in some-possibly unknown-manner. Otherwise, a lot of Tosh and Twaddle ^_^

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Look at this thing

Look at this thing


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